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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Last Wednesday I went to Jamie's for dinner with Sasha and Amie. We got there at 5.45 and only had to wait ten minutes for a table! I thought that the hype must have died down, because I remember being told there was an hour or more when I arrived at 6 once. But at the end of our ten minutes, the line was snaking down Pitt Street, so, nope, the hype is still there. So get in early :p

We were ushered to a really cute little booth right opposite the kitchen, complete with a vintage, tarnished mirror, leather wraparound seats and a dangly chandelier. Luca took our orders straightaway and assured us that our drink (Wirra Wirra Mrs Wrigley Moscato - named after a neighbouring winery's cat! Cute) was on its way.

Complimentary House breads.

We ordered the crispy squid with garlicky mayo and lemon for the table ($12). It was good! Crisp and crunchy on the outside with the perfect amount of salt and pepper, sprinkled with chili flakes. Yum.

Sasha enjoyed this. She recently discovered that she likes calamari (although once she asked if it was calamari or squid that she likes), but was still a bit freaked out by the tentacles, or "little feet" as we called them. The discussion then progressed to chicken feet, like you get at yum cha - S and A said definitely not. I love it.

I decided to be adventurous and not order my usual (the prawn linguine, which I've had every single time I've been to Jamie's - sue me, it's so good). Instead I decided to get the wild rabbit tagliolini with slow cooked McLeay Valley rabbit ragu with garlic and herbs, mascarpone and Amalfi lemon. I got the entree size ($12).  The rabbit was really good, and different to other rabbit dishes I've tried. There were only very small bits of the meat, which had broken down in the cooking process, so the sauce was intensely flavoured with the rabbit, garlic and lots of herbs. You'd get tiny morsels of meat in every mouthful. Think pulled pork. Mmm.

Humble green salad $6. Lettuce with lemon, chili and buttermilk dressing. Divine.

Amie had the prawn linguine and really loved it ($16 for entree size). I think it's definitely the home made pasta, because it has a slightly chewy texture that you can't get with dried pasta. And the prawns tossed in chilli, garlic, and tomatoes, with rocket leaves, fennel, and tiny curls of Parmesan....

Sash had the Veal Saltimbocca ($27.50)- wafer thin veal pounded with sage and prosciutto flash grilled with spicy tomato, chili and basil salsa.

She was upset because Amie and I were both getting pasta and she felt like she was eating a lot, but the veal was nice and thin, and the help of rocket made it feel healthy, so that was okay. She said the veal was so easy to cut up and eat, and the prosciutto was delicious, but would have liked potatoes or something other than just rocket and cherry tomatoes. (I forgot that she doesn't like tomatoes so I got to have them).

One day, I'm going to blog about the things Sasha doesn't like eating accompanied by delicious recipes using them to entice her into eating them.

In conclusion, I love eating at Jamie Oliver's even if it may not be owned by him (we are unsure). I would eat the prawn linguine every single day of my life. Except now I've discovered the rabbit! And also we can't go back too soon for secret reasons. :(

xx gee

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