Pikelets with Jam and Goats Cheese

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

It was so hot yesterday! So for breakfast I made pikelets that we ate with jam and goats cheese while sipping on passionfruit iced tea and lazed around in the air conditioning. (:

Makes 30
- 1 cup self raising flour
- 1/2 tbsp sugar
- 1 egg
- 3/4 cup milk

I put everything in the blender and blitzed it for 30 seconds, so it was smooth and bubbly. Lazy? Yes. Easy? Yes. Quick? Yes. (:

If you aren't lazy like me, you can of course beat it by hand. Then just fry spoonfuls of the batter on low heat in a lightly greased pan. When the bubbles pop, flip and fry til golden.

Serve with goats cheese and jam, and some delicious tea!

Hope you all stayed cool yesterday - it was apparently the hottest day in Sydney since 1939!

xx gee


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