Maybe Cato likes berries too.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Summer = berries. Today I went blackberry picking, in the back streets of Duffy's Forest. The bushes grow wild on the side of the road, just like in a children's storybook. The street is Tooronga Road, if anyone wants to go berry picking! Wear gumboots and gloves, because the prickles are very little and very sharp.

Milo said to be careful that they were the right berries and weren't poisonous, and I said, "Just like in the Hunger Games!"So I put the berries (this was just a quarter of what we picked - 2 kgs in total!) in a bowl just like how Seneca Crane had to eat them. Only these aren't deadly. 

They are sweet and juicy, and the best part - free! 

After berry picking, we went to Whale Beach for a swim. The water was so beautiful, perfectly cool and such a brilliant blue. I love summer days like these, where you can live storybook lives and have nothing better to do and not worry about work or studying or cleaning your room. 

But back to reality now. (and my Weekly Good Habits have not been checked off very much. Whoops)

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