High Tea!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

It was Laura's 21st last Saturday :) We celebrated with a beautiful high tea, bunting, pretty dresses, and lots and lots of treats.

The night before we were up until morning slowly crept up upon us, baking red velvet cupcakes, donuts, mini meringues, and scones. The morning of the party was a little bit hectic, as we rushed around to set up the tables, set up the dessert table, sew bunting, ice the donuts, make last minute cake stands, whip cream...
And I think it all turned out wonderfully.

This is the long table where people could sit and have their treats of choice. We had assortments of teacups, pots and plates borrowed from a neighbor, dug out from both our cupboards, and a whole stack of saucers with no partners T2 had kindly donated to me. We had beautiful pink and white flowers in clear, glass bowls that lined the table, and tiers of treats as well.

There were melting moments (strawberry and passionfruit icing), white chocolate and raspberry cookies, chocolate chip peanut butter cookies, donuts, and of course, scones. We made mini scones because we thought they would be cuter. And also because we wanted to make more, but there ended up being so much leftover. Laura made raspberry jam and we had little sundae bowls of whipped cream all around.

We had these little chalkboard signs so people knew what the treats were.

The teacups and saucers:

This is the dessert table:

There were three kinds of cupcakes- my signature red velvet (or pink velvet in this case) with white chocolate cream cheese icing, and Brooke, another friend of ours, made dark chocolate and raspberry cupcakes and vanilla with green cookie dough icing. I wish I had better pictures but in the rush of everything I completely forgot. Sash made Mars bar slice, and B made caramel slice. We also had Laura's brownies, which she cleverly made ahead of time and froze.

Mini meringues filled with whipped cream and strawberries:

Mini baked cinnamon donuts:

The cake and backup cake. Yes, I made a back up cake in case anything happened - plate dropping on cake, cake frosting melting off, cake frosting changing colour, someone eating cake, Baxter (Lau's dog) eating the cake, cake missing.... etc.

It was a polka dot - rose frosting cake!

The polka dots were pink, green and a coral (which turned out orange) colour. But unfortunately we didn't cut into the green spots yet! But how pretty is it! Recipe and tutorial to follow :)

(they were catered - there was chicken and bacon, egg, ham and cheese and I can't remember what else! But they were good!)

The drinks table:

Pimms and scones with jam and cream:

The bunting:

People sat on rugs with cushions in the garden:

The beautiful birthday girl! She was so picky with her dress that she bought four, returned them all, and then ended up sewing this number with her grandma five days before the party... I was still sewing on the middle lace band at 11am that morning. But I think it couldn't have turned out more perfectly.

Here's the back.

Anyway, I will be posting the recipes soon in separate posts so check back if you want to know how to specifics for anything in particular. Il'l include the links in this post.

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone had a lovely week (:

xx gee


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