DIY Bunting!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

I started this blog intending it to be a food/craft/sewing blog.. But as you can see it's mostly been food. SO FAR! Fear not, I will soon be posting up my crafting and sewing projects galore. Hopefully!

This is just an easy peasy tutorial on how to make bunting, like we did at Laura's 21st. We started cutting the fabric and sewing the morning of the party, so as you can see it is a very simple and quick DIY that is extremely cute. I would totally hang it in my room if I didn't already have my walls filled with other things..

- fabric, in as many different colors, patterns, and textures as you like
- scissors
- twine

Cut out as many triangular flags as you like.
Ours measured 15 cm long and 25 cm tall.

Sew the triangles onto the twine, folded 1 cm over.

Repeat until all your flags are used up, and then hang up your bunting ;)

xx gee

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