Dove Pure Deodorant Review

Sunday, 5 May 2013

(See? Told you this wasn't just a food blog!)

I have a very sensitive nose. No, really. When milk smells the sliiiiightest bit not like what I expect it to, I won't touch it. And if I do, I'll be in the reverse placebo state and feel very, very sick. Same goes with ham. Or really any food. Sometimes, T2 (a delicious tea house next to Kikki.K, where I work) burns toast really early in the morning, and for the rest of the day I'll smell burnt toast. I don't use the Pledge Grab-It dusters at work unless it's been aired out because the fake orange-y smell makes me feel ill. If I handle fish, or onions, or garlic chives, I can smell it on my hands for days after. I can smell laundry detergent on people on the street, and strong perfume makes my eyes water. But I can usually handle all that.

My biggest problem is with deodorant. Especially spray deodorant. Or aerosols, as they are called.

I make Milo spray his outside. He can't do it in the bathroom, because when I go in there later, it chokes me. And I feel the deodorant residue is floating about, going everywhere... Like on our toothbrushes! And even still, I can still smell it after. 

Last week, I got sent these new Dove Pure deodorants to test drive.

And.... I love it.

It comes in roll on form (which I prefer), and spray form (which I  forced  convinced winningly charmed Milo into using). It has no fragrance, no parabens, no colourants, and no alcohol. But the no fragrance thing is what makes me the most happy. For the past few years, I've been using an apple-scented roll on deodorant. And... It's okay. I can deal with the 'Orchard Blossom' scent. Except if I get it stuck in my head then I'll be smelling it all day. And it doesn't always go with my perfume.

When I got these in the mail, I unscrewed the cap of the roll-on and sniffed it.
It smelled like nothing.
There is the faintest, faintest, whiff of moisturiser.
But mostly nothing.

It applies smoothly and is creamy but very light, and dries very quickly. Another pro: it doesn't leave any white marks on dark clothes at all! Yay! Throughout the day, it isn't dry, doesn't itch, and doesn't smell. Even after the gym! It just smells like skin. Clean, fresh, skin. (This is the roll on, I didn't use the spray because I don't like sprays.. I think because it's so cold when it sprays on! Milo's thoughts on it: "It was okay.")

So I definitely approve of this scentless invention! It contains 1/4 moisturising cream, and provides long lasting sweat protection - up to 48 hours of anti-perspiration. Definitely try it! (:

xx gee 

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