Living Below the Line: Day 4

Friday, 10 May 2013

I had a tricky day because I was out all day with contentious refrigeration and microwaving facilities. Luckily it all worked out pretty well in the end, and I was content at the end. I definitely think the worst thing about this is how strictly planned all my meals have to be, and I really like eating whatever I feel like. That said, this challenge has really opened my eyes, and I found myself forcing my family, who is eating normally, to finish up all their food instead of throwing out whatever they don't eat.

Breakfast 6 c
-          ¼ cup oats 5 c
-          1 tsp cinnamon sugar 1 c

Lunch 72 c

Tuna Pasta Salad $1.44
Serves 2
-          250 g pasta, cooked 17 c
-          200 g tuna 50 c
-          2 eggs, hard boiled and sliced 52 c
-          1/2 carrot, grated 15 c
-          Small handful rocket, shredded 7 c
-          Salt and pepper 3 c

Mix the pasta, tuna, carrot, rocket, salt and pepper together and then top with the sliced eggs.

Dinner 47 c
-          Two minute noodles 21 c
-          1 egg 26 c

Breakfast 6 c 
Lunch 72 c 
Dinner 47 c 
Apple 25 c
Tea 5 c

             = $1.55

xx gee 

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