Living Below the Line: Day 5

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Yesterday was the last day of the challenge!
It's been such a learning experience. It definitely wasn't as bad as expected, because everything was planned out so carefully - from grocery shopping to meal plans to figuring out the ingredient costs of each meal. The hardest thing (as I've mentioned) is the strict adherence with not much flexibility to the menu, the set amount of tea, and fruit, and other little snacks, we are allowed to have each day. and the difficulty in packing lunch and sometimes dinner to work and uni without fridge or microwaving facilities.

That said though, we have spent less than $10 this week, and had the luxuries of tea everyday, Milo managed to have some instant coffee on our cheaper days, even dessert, and Tori had a hot chocolate! We still have food leftover as well - about 400g pasta, 1/2 cup of rice, 1/2 cup of oats, 1 packet of 2 minute noodles, and 2 potatoes from our initial shop. I think that's pretty amazing, especially considering how well we ate.

Breakfast 6 c
- ¼ cup oats 5 c
- 1 tsp honey 1 c

Lunch 62 c
- 1 egg 26 c
- 2 slices bread 18 c
- 1/2 cucumber 5 c
- 1 slice cheese 13 c

(not the best photo!)

Dinner 26 c

Dahl with Rice 80 c
Serves 3
- 1/2 cup rice 12 c
- 1 cup lentils 20 c
- 1/2 cup mixed vegetables 40 c
- 1 1/2 tsp curry powder 5 c
- 1 tsp butter 3 c

Boil the lentils in 1 cup of water, drain and rinse. Put the lentils back into the saucepan, and add the mixed vegetables, curry powder and 1 cup of water. Bring to the boil, and then reduce heat to a simmer for 20 minutes, adding water if it looks dry. Serve with rice.

This was admittedly not the best dahl in the world, but it was pretty good considering the lack of ingredients used in this. I could have used more spices, and some garlic and onion, and tinned tomatoes, and even coconut milk.. But to be honest I was just lazy about counting the costs of everything. I don't think 1/2 cup of mixed veggies cost 40 c, because a 1 kg bag cost 95 c, but I had somehow calculated that 1/4 cup of mixed veggies was 20 c from my first post, so I just doubled it. Oh well, over estimation is better than underestimation in this case.

Breakfast 6 c
Lunch 62 c
Dinner 26 c
Orange 25 c
Tea 5 c
        = $1.14

And here is a handy table for my food for the week.

Live Beyond the Line Meal Plan for $2 a Day
Oats & Honey
Oats, Honey & Cinnamon
Oats & Honey
Oats, Honey & Cinnamon
Oats & Honey
Fried Rice  w/ Mixed Vegetables, Sausage and Egg
Chawanmushi (Japanese Egg Custard) w/ Mixed Vegetables and Sausage
Leftover Quiche, Capsicum, Cucumber and Tomatoes 74c
Tuna Pasta Salad w/ Carrot, Rocket and Egg

Egg, Cucumber and Cheese Sandwich
Pumpkin & Potato Soup
Pumpkin, Tuna and Rosemary Quiche 64 c
Potato Soufflé w/ Bolognaise
Two Minute Noodles & a Fried Egg
Dahl (Lentil Curry) & Rice
Banana Oat Cookies x 2

Cinnamon Rice Pudding
13 c
Orange 25c

Apple 25c
Orange 25c
Tea 10c
Tea 5c
Tea 5c
Tea 5c
Tea 5c

And a photo of the food we bought:

For most days, we were under budget, which proves that eating for less than $2 a day is possible and can be filling, nutritious and yummy! We did miss treats, but all in all it was a great experience and all for a very good cause! 
Donations are still open - sponsor me at, or you can sponsor poor Milo, who went to the gym and worked nights without coffee at
Our team profile is at, where you can sponsor Tori and Sharon as well!

Thanks so much to everyone who has sponsored us already + given us encouragement! :) xxx

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