Mixed Noodle Salad Bowls

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

This is a really easy and delicious dish that was created when I was about eight years old. We had leftovers that had to be used up, and I really loved grating things.

It became a staple for many years, until somehow we forgot about it and it wasn't included in any meal rotations while I was in high school. I think this was because when we moved to Australia, chilli oil was not as readily available as it was in Malaysia, and my mom couldn't be bothered making it from scratch. 

But one day a few years ago, my chilli plant had an abundant flowering and fruiting one summer, and we had an overload of chillies. So I made some chilli oil and it was delicious, and sparked memories of these noodles. So they're a frequent and much loved staple now. 

(And yes, I do realize now that you can just buy chilli oil at an Asian store or at some fancy delis. But home made is always better!)

You can basically add whatever you like to these bowls, depending on what you have. The staples are the noodles, cucumber, carrots, some kind of protein, and the sauce - particularly the chilli oil and garlic. In a dire situation, you can just use these, and it will still be delicious.



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