Carrot, Walnut and Oat Muffins with Cream Cheese Icing

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My best friend's mom made the best carrot cake when we were in junior high. And I mean the best. I don't know why, and I don't know how, but it was the perfect mixture of carroty-walnut-moist-spongy goodness. And that icing. So. Good. We would just sit in front of the TV eating it before we had Science tutoring classes, and it almost made those lessons worth it. Almost. I was/am terrible at it. 

Her mom made amazing food generally as well, but I can't pinpoint exactly what, only that it was good. One of my clearest memories, though, is that we used to eat spoonfuls of condensed milk, straight from the tin. Judge me, I don't care. It was delicious. I feel happy thinking about it. Although I do remember that we were only limited to one spoonful each. If that counts for anything.

Anyway! They now have a bunch of restaurants with lots of amazing Malaysian treats and food, but no carrot cake, as far as i know. And, there aren't any branches in Australia. Sad face. 

These cupcakes are not quite as good, sorry, but they are still good. And you can smother as much cream cheese icing on as you like. I decided to make these because:

(a) I have four big end-of-semester essays to write;
(b) In my procrastination I made some juice (apple, orange, carrot, strawberry, pineapple - it's delicious, and you'll feel much better making it at home than paying $7 at a juice bar) and felt bad about wasting the juice pulp/whatever that leftover stuff from juicing is called, so had to use them for something. 

So these are made with that pulpy stuff! You can, of course, just grate some carrots, but if you have a juicer and you like carrot juice, go for it. Also, I'm a very lazy human. I though the muffins might be a bit dry because the pulp is de-juiced, but they weren't at all. So that's good.

You can substitute a lot in this recipe. Walnuts can be substituted for almonds, or macadamias - probably any kind of nuts, but I've only tried it with those two so I can only guarantee they are great. But I'm sure any nuts would be fine. I used honey because I didn't have enough sugar, and I used oats because I didn't have enough flour. So, yes, that was probably a sign for me to get back to writing my Environmental Law essay, but I didn't take it and these turned out great. Anyway - you can substitute honey for sugar, and oats for flour, if you like. 



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